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Testimony of a sister, Philippines

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I have met a saint in my life even if I have not encountered him personally. Thanks to the fruits of his mystical life—first , The Brothers of St. John and The Sisters of St. John, of which he has been uniquely chosen by God to be their founder and secondly, through his luminous writings—the THREE WISDOMS namely Philosophical wisdom, Theological wisdom and Mystical wisdom, as it were, welling up directly from the Source.

In August of 1996, I have been so blessed to attend a Retreat preached by a priest ( Fr. Dominique ) who belong to the Brothers of St. John in a Carmelite monastery here in the Philippines. The preaching was so efficacious, so full of light, so full of wisdom which bore a kind of authority and unction from the Holy Spirit that touched the hearts of every sister in my Community—a preaching such as we have never heard before.

The priest was very prayerful, always lying prostrate in front of the Blessed Sacrament and was so fervent that the sisters cannot but be touched by the way he celebrated the Holy Mass and by the way he listened to our Confession. Lire la suite »

Testimony of a sister, Philippines

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I knew father Marie Dominique Philippe through the Brothers of Saint John, and especially through his Philosophy and Metaphysics. We were three friends who were so much interested in Philosophy, in the teaching of the Brothers every week in Saint John Center for the lay people. And one brother gave each of us the book of father Philippe, « Retracing Reality » and I read it and found it very true and so much linked with my experiences in my life.

And so when I read and heard about the Philosophical and Theological research of father Philippe, it trigged my thirst to know God and the truth more deeply. From there, I told myself this i what I am searching for.

I was really amazed how father Philippe awakened my intelligence and my heart to seek the truth and to seek for wisdom. I never received a light before in the world. In the word, we’re busy of how to make money. And I was also amazed how such a man can give us such a light and wisdom that touches every man and penetrates every heart, every intelligence beyond any culture, race, age and language without living it himself? He is really a saint, a prophet, a father, a philosopher, a theologian and a man of God without any doubt.

And so for me, father Philippe is really a father because he gives me suche a light about God and life through his writings ans classes that we are listening to everyday in the convent.

Even if I did not see him personally, I know that he knows me and that he is very close to me, for he said in the « Letter to a Friend« : « What unites us and what constitutes our friendship is the search for the truth. »

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