Servants of the Truth

Letter at Brothers of General Chapter, june 2013

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One month after the accusations in May 2013, many Brothers of Saint John throughout the world, refuted the accusations brought against Fr. MD Philippe in the French and foreign press, with a word of caution from the French Bishops.

Letter at Brothers of General Chapter june 2013

Letter of Father MD Philippe, on february 2006

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On February 4, 2006, at the age of 93, Fr. Marie Dominique Philippe responded vigorously to the accusations brought against him. Some of these attacks were reused in 2013 in order to cripple his disciples, a few months before the appearance of the accusations evoked in the press in May 2013.

Letter of father MD Philippe, feb 2006 english

Testimony by father Benoit Emmnanuel

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Many letters have been written to denounce the accusation of May 2013 against Father MD Philippe. These accusations were not the first. A testimony written in July 2013 by Father Benoit Emmanuel, author of the book, Le pére Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE, Ouvrier de la Sagesse (ed. Parole et Silence), reminds us that these attacks had already arisen while Fr. MD Philippe was still alive.

Personal testimony by father Benoit Emmnanuel