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Actuality of friends of father MD PHILIPPE association

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Now almost 5 years after its creation, the Association of the Friends of Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe has developed the formulation of its purpose to be stated from now on in the following way :

“To encourage and support all initiatives promoting the influence of the spiritual and intellectual heritage of Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe, as an alliance between his friends of heart and mind.”

Present since the creation of this association, this “alliance of heart and mind” bears witness to the vitality of the radiant influence of Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe.

In the same way, we can only observe that this influence arouses and vivifies more and more beautiful friendships between “his friends of heart and mind”.


Association of friend’s Father MD Philippe

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Association of friend’s Father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE

On August 26, 2015, Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa, the Transverberation of the heart of St Teresa, and the 9th anniversary of the return to God father Marie-Dominique Philippe, many friends of father.Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE officially created the Organization of the Friends of father Marie-Dominique Philippe. Its purpose is to :

  • Develop the influence of the intellectual and spiritual heritage left by Marie-Dominique Philippe

  • Encourage and support initiatives promoting the spread of his work and ideas

  • Archive all documents, videos, photos reflecting father Marie-Dominique Philippe and his work

The first initiative of the organization is support for testimonials.

Our experience with father Marie-Dominique Philippe is often so intense that it is difficult to present a testimony. The organization can put you in touch with a friend of father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE, who will enable you to write your testimony with the help of a written or spoken dialogue.

If you want to receive this support, please let the organization know through the following email address :