Exerpts of testimonies

Stories of father Marie Dominique Philippe nr 1

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I told him that I had read the three Wisdoms and that thanks to reading this book I “felt intelligent”, and he took hold of my arm and said to me in his broken voice which still resonates in my ears, “It is normal, it is the truth”.


A Missionary of Charity witnessed the meeting of Father and Sr Nirmala, their General Superior, in Rome for the beatification of Mother Teresa. Father cried with joy……..and his tears ran onto the hands of the Sister, who was most embarrassed at this show….she asked her Superior : What should I do?” and she replied, smiling: “Keep them preciously….they are the tears of a saint!

A Brother

Father always gave all his energy. Often his bed was just the shallow seat of an uncomfortable car. A car, most certainly an old one given by a generous benefactor who no longer knew what to do with the mechanical carcass……put back together by an astute brother. He went to bed late, got up early. Sometimes he slept at the house. Lire la suite »