Testimony of Theresa, USA

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I did not have the chance to be with Father as much as I would have liked; however, he was present at my oblature in Chicago September 16, 2002.  When I made my personal oblature with him holding my hands, I felt like I was truly with a very holy man.  He was so kind and gentle.  Although he did not speak English, I felt very close to him without words. Lire la suite »

Testimony of Tina, Philippines

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I am Tina, an oblate of St. John who is residing in Manila. I have met the community in Taiwan and known them for many years (since 1995). I can say that fr.Marie Dominique Philippe is a perfect model of a man of God. He is a saint for me. I owe him what people see in me because of his teaching which is full of life and truth for my very own self as well as the other oblates, especially when it comes to my faith. The only thing I know is that it is a gift from God. Lire la suite »

Testimony of Mary Jane and Tom, USA

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We both met Fr. Philippe when he was giving a retreat in Laredo, Texas several years ago. Although, he didnt’ speak English, he gave the retreat with such deep thought and passion.  The material he presented was something we had never heard, it had such depth and conviction because he was proclaiming Truth. Lire la suite »

Testimony of Brendon, New Zealand

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It takes a lot to get me to leave my comfort zone. It takes even more to get me to move to the opposite side of the planet but the attraction of Fr Philippe’s life and teaching drew me over 18,000 kilometres from New Zealand to France and held me there for the last two years of his life (2004-2006). Lire la suite »

Testimony of a sister missionary of Hope

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At the time that I had the privilege to meet Fr Marie Dominique Philippe, I was a regional superior in the Missionaries of Charity in the Region of Our Lady of Jasna Gora an area which comprised Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. It was in Romania that I met Father.

I had had the opportunity to meet Fr Philippe’s teaching through some of his brothers whom I had invited to give seminars and retreats to the sisters of the region, as well as in his books. In fact, so impressed was I by the deep insights I saw that his teaching gave to the life and charism that we had received from our Foundress : Blessed Mother Teresa, that I had arranged to be present in Romania at the time when Fr Philippe would come; as well as for the sisters from the five different houses in Romania, to come and meet him and thus receive his teaching in person. (This was a” big operation” since in three of the houses we had physically and mentally handicapped children, and to ensure that all the sisters could come for part of his visit meant a lot of arrangements….but I thought that this was very important since some sisters had never met Mother Teresa and I had the sense that Father Philippe had something that we knew in Mother Teresa). Lire la suite »

Testimony of Donna, USA

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To Whom it may concern.

I am an oblate with the Community of St. John in the United States, and have been since July of 1996. My attraction was immediate.  Their search for the truth and continuous talk about their founder who led them, loved them and brought out the best in them with his teaching, made my desire to meet him insatiable. Lire la suite »

Testimony of Judith, USA

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I first met the community of St. John in 1989, one year after I had my conversion in Medjugorje. I was hungry to learn more about Mary and Jesus. But it was definitely Mary who was leading me to her son by means of the Community of St John. These monks were definitely very different, never had I encountered such genuinely warm, kind and accepting priests. They wanted to lead you to Jesus and Mary not only by what they taught, but by the examples of their very lives. Their love and obvious respect and adoration of the Eucharist were something I had never encountered in the faith. Lire la suite »