Answer to the letter of Francette MEANEY : Comment n°1

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At the very moment when Francette MEANEY received the first answers to her letter, the Holy Father raised the question of tenderness on the part of priests: « The pastor is anointed with oil on the day of his ordination, priestly and episcopal. But the true oil is interior; it is the oil of closeness and tenderness. The pastor who does not know how to be close, misses something (…). A pastor who lacks tenderness will be stern, mistreating the flock. Proximity and tenderness: we see it here. Jesus was so. »

Many of us have experienced this genuine tenderness of father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE, misunderstood by the majority of his detractors. In their response to the letter of Francette MEANEY, these detractors persist in judging the intentions of a dead man by rejecting the verifiable findings of the counter investigation.  

The answer of an accuser clearly indicates that she wished to denounce the diversion of this tenderness by certain brothers and not father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE, as was already revealed by another accuser at the beginning of the investigation in the spring of 2015 (see the Introduction to the publication of Information Note n°1).

The accuser, by her own admission, also reveals in her answer that without the brothers’ abuses, she would never have given the testimony that some of the concealed detractors asked of her in order to damage father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE and his teaching on the love of friendship.

This finding reveals the misuse of the word « victims » to designate complainants.

It constitutes the second scathing disavowal of the slander propagated since May 2013 on the official website of the Congregation  of St Jean.