Letter of Francette MEANEY PHILIPPE to the accusers and the detractors

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The counter inquiry rejected by the ecclesial institution is discretely continuing to make progress. Many verifiable findings show the wrongdoings of the accusers and the detractors of father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE as the real victims of these unfair accusations do.

4 years after the filing of the petition to the Holy Father, the letter personally sent in late 2017 by the niece of father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE, Francette MEANEY, to the main accusers and detractors shows the disastrous consequences of these actions for the Church and her followers.

It is appropriate to recall that the charges relating to father Thomas PHILIPPE appeared the month following the defamation of Thomas JOACHIM, Prior General of the Congregation of St John, before being disclosed in March 2015 by officials of L’ARCHE. These charges recall the inevitable ripple effect of this type of case.

This letter concretely demonstrates the considerable responsibility of some French bishops in promoting these slanderous accusations.

The first responses received to this letter confirm the wrongdoings of the main detractors by explaining how they deflected certain testimonies they had themselves sought.

Father Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE and his teachings cannot be held responsible for the proven deviant behavior of certain brothers (Note d’information n°4 GB). 

The exemplarity of the most faithful disciples as well as their very beautiful productivity despite the duration of the tribulation is a  scathing disavowal of these slanders.