Searcher for truth

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The search for truth builds the house of God because God’s house is a house of truth
Father Marie Dominique PHILIPPE

Here are some explanations to help you better navigate through the site :

Father Marie Dominique PHILIPPE : This heading presents Father MD PHILIPPE’s biography and bibliography, along with some photos, the tributes received after his return to God and conference proceedings testifying to his person and his work.

Quotations from Father MD PHILIPPE : This heading presents excerpts from books, sermons, articles, courses and conferences by p. MD PHILIPPE.

Testimonies : Organized by country, these testimonies have been gathered since late May 2013. These accounts reveal the holiness of Father MD PHILIPPE and are written by people who personally knew Father MD PHILIPPE or persons who knew him through his teachings (books, courses, conferences …).

Defense of his memory : This heading presents the organization conducting his defense and its notes of information, through which you can follow the latest news about the defense of his memory and of his work. It also includes the testimony of the Servants of the truth: these testimonies concern the controversy surrounding his person and his teaching.

Friends of Father MD PHILIPPE : This heading presents the organization, Friends of Father MD PHILIPPE and its current activities.