The Resurrection of Jesus

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Christ Rises From the Dead

The silence of the Father burst forth in stunning brilliance in the mystery of the glory and the Resurrection of Jesus. No witness was present at the first instant of the Resurrection. It was to glorify the Father, and out of love for His Mother and for us, that Jesus experienced the glory of the Resurrection of His wounded Heart, of His scourged and crucified body. Jesus rose again to manifest, to witness, this great victory of the Cross. This was a manifestation in splendor, in glory and in beauty, of all that He had experienced in suffering, humility and abandonment. (…)

In the mystery of the Resurrection, let us ask Mary for her faith, her hope and her love. We can live by this mystery from this very moment, and we ought to live by it at each instant of our lives. The essence of the mystery of the Resurrection is that eternity is ever present in the fabric of time. According to our human lives, we live in earthly time, but according to our divine life, we live in eternity. Eternity is, therefore always present at every instant of our lives, especially if we truly live by faith, by hope and by love.

Father MD Philippe, Way of the Cross