The way of the Cross by Father MD Philippe, the fourteenth station

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The Fourteenth Station: The Body of Jesus is Laid in the Sepulcher

Mary bore this last separation, this ultimate separation, in obedience to the requirement of this Sabbath, to adore the will of the Father in total poverty and self-abandonment. The Father wanted everything to be consummated right up to the very end, up to the burial in the tomb. It is for the day of my burial, were the words of Jesus to Judas when Mary, the sister of Lazarus, had poured an expensive perfume over His feet.

The perfume of great price was, in fact, the tears shed by Mary at the Cross, and at this ultimate separation of the Sepulcher; those are the tears Mary shed at La Salette, the tears Mary sheds today over the state of our world. Mary lived this great mystery of the Sepulcher. This last Sabbath was for her.

Father MD Philippe, Way of the Cross