The way of the Cross by Father MD Philippe, the twelfth station

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The Twelfth Station: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Saint Augustine tells us that it was when He was on the Cross that Jesus gave us His last teaching. The Cross is the pulpit of truth, and all those who want to witness to the truth know that there is no other pulpit than the Cross. This is where the wisdom of God is revealed to us in all its strength. Each of the last words of Jesus was etched in the heart of Mary. If we want to be especially near to the heart of Mary, these last words of Jesus also need to be etched in our own hearts. (…)

Let us ask Mary to help us live by this great holocaust of Love, just as she lived by it. May the wound to the Heart of Jesus, His cry of thirst, and the surrender of His entire self into the hands of the Father, become our source of wisdom, our brilliant guiding light. It is in the light of the Cross (and the Way of the Cross) that we must look at our own lives, the lives of our brothers and sisters, the life of the Church and, in fact, the history of the world.

Father MD Philippe, Way of the Cross