The way of the Cross by Father MD Philippe, the ninth station

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The Ninth Station: Jesus Falls for the Third Time

This third fall of Jesus was like a third brutal blow from the Devil. When He had reached the place where He was to be crucified, Jesus had to accept to be as crushed by the weight of the Cross before being crucified, and to know utter humiliation. His face against the ground and His whole body pinned under the Cross. It was for the pride of men that Jesus accepted to bear this humiliation in the depth of His heart. (…)

The Church, too experiences (and will experience again) such ultimate attacks of the Devil, who will appear victorious in the sight of all. It will be thought that he has succeeded in overwhelming Christ’s Church, just as he overwhelmed Jesus. Today’s Church bears the Cross, and sometimes it is as if her members, who ought to remain standing, are being overwhelmed.

Father MD Philippe, Way of the Cross