The way of the Cross by Father MD Philippe, the eighth station

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The Eighth Station: Jesus Speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem

“Do not weep for me!” Weep rather for yourselves and for our children!” Jesus again surpassed His own suffering. In Him, love was (and is) victorious over all wounds, over all sufferings, over all rejections. The compassion of Christ surpassed all the wounds that He bore, turning itself tenderly and mercifully toward those who were pitying Him, but it was not pity that Jesus required. He bore His Cross to show us the way, so that we might learn to bear our own Cross with love. (…)

There was a great difference between Mary and the women who wept over their own suffering. Just as Mary bore suffering in a virginal manner, so too should we rise above suffering, so that it spurs us to love more profoundly and to advance further, and allows us to respond to the Divine Countenance and embrace of Jesus. Let us ask Mary for the grace to have a heart ever virginal in suffering, to never give up, because then we would be unable to embrace the will of the Father, for we would be withdrawing into ourselves and succumbing to our own fragility. May Mary grant us limpid clarity of heart in suffering as well as in joy.

Father MD Philippe, Way of the Cross