The way of the Cross by Father MD Philippe: the second station

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The Second Station: Jesus Takes Up The Cross

The cross of Christ, the sign of the curse, was transformed into a sign of blessing. Jesus embraced the Cross, because it was the Cross that would enable Him to bear witness, in the sight of all, to His unique love for the Father and to His love for each one of us. It was for each one of us that He took this Cross upon His battered shoulders, and that He accepted to appear before all as the one accursed.

Christ’s Cross extends over the entire Church. To be Christian is to “follow the lamb wherever He goes”, to follow Him when He bears Hiss Cross, and to consider that this Cross is our Cross. It is usually quite difficult to recognize the Cross in our own lives, and in the beginning we often reject it, until the day when Mary, working under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the depth of our hearts, inspires us to recognize this sign of blessing and love.

Father MD Philippe, Way of the Cross