Exerpt of an article of p. MD Philippe, about the rosary

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The Rosary

The one and only finality of the Rosary is to help us live more intimately with Mary, which means living her mystery, because it is for us. The mysteries of Mary are our mysteries. The mysteries of a divine Mother are the mysteries of her children. That is the difference between divine motherhood and human motherhood. And the more faithful we are to the Holy Spirit, the more we discover that we are called to live Mary’s vocation; it is the vocation of the Church. That is the moment when we realize that the Holy Spirit wants to make a profound unity, a unity of life, between our life and Mary’s life. Our Christian grace is Marian, which means that Mary, as an instrument of grace, mediatrix of all graces, is the most powerful example of what Christian grace is, and how much we should live by it. The fact that Mary was given to us so that we may live Christian grace is an extra grace. (…)

The best way for us to live with Mary is to successively live all her mysteries. Mary enables us and helps us to live her mysteries, because she wants us to live them. Meditating thus, discovering Mary through her various mysteries, leads us to contemplation. In the end, the Rosary is made precisely for that, so that the mysteries of Mary become our mysteries, because they are Christian mysteries. We can thus say that the Rosary is much more than a devotion. It allows us to share in the mysteries of Mary and welcome her into our own home, like Saint John1. What an admirable gift Mary is.

Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, article published in December, 2002

1 Cf. Jn 19:27