Notes from a Conference by Fr. MD Philippe on the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary

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Notes from a Conference by Fr. MD Philippe on the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary helps to prepare us to receive the Holy Spirit, but she is also there to let the Holy Spirit work within us in total freedom. Because the Holy Spirit has a unique thoughtfulness in love, it is thus necessary that Mary teach us to live in docility to Him, docile to his breath of love, in order to really receive the word of Jesus as it should be received. Mary, in her maternal education, helps increase our thirst to receive the Holy Spirit, all the time. We can never stop this thirst from growing, since we cannot stop the growth of divine love within us. And the more charity, divine love, roots itself in our will, the more our will thirsts to receive the Holy Spirit in a more profound, divine way. It is infinite because it no longer just goes from light to light, but it goes from poverty to poverty, because it goes from love to love, from divine love to divine love.

And Mary never stops making us more available to the Holy Spirit’s action. She makes us thirsty for Him and at the same time, under another aspect, she teaches us to cooperate with Him. We should really ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to help us have a great thirst for the Holy Spirit. If Jesus says: “Without me, you can do nothing”, we can also say that without the Holy Spirit we cannot act divinely. We cannot make any progress in charity. (…)

Mary is going to help us, as a Mother, to thirst for the gift of the Holy Spirit and his seven gifts that we have received with sanctifying grace, with faith, hope and love.

Father Marie Dominique Philippe, Conference, June 1st, 1995