Testimony of Ida, USA

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The first time I encountered Father Philippe was at a private Mass for the Sisters. I was quite impressed with his apparent intense devotion to the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of our Lord. As he consecrated the host with strong words and gazed at it in adoration, he held it up for us to adore for awhile. At this moment, I had a spiritual experience which I believed was the power and grace of the Holy Spirit coming forth from the host of Christ’s body and filling my heart and soul with such intensity that I began to tremble and was left in awe. I thought at the time that Father Philippe would have to be very holy for such an experience to take place. That would have been ten to fifteen years ago. Later at several conferences, as he spoke, it was as if our Lord was speaking directly to me through him, since he uttered things that he could not have known about my thoughts. I have heard others say the same thing happened to them also. His teachings were inspired to speak to our hearts. 
I sincerely believe accusations against his conduct were misled and caused slander. The Accuser uses others in order to destroy good.

Ida, Oblate in Princeville, Illinois