Testimony of Theresa, USA

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I did not have the chance to be with Father as much as I would have liked; however, he was present at my oblature in Chicago September 16, 2002.  When I made my personal oblature with him holding my hands, I felt like I was truly with a very holy man.  He was so kind and gentle.  Although he did not speak English, I felt very close to him without words.

I saw the love of all the Sisters and Brothers for him, they were all so happy to be with him.  It was a few days stay with Father for all of us.  Father was going to celebrate Sunday Mass for us; however, he was invited to spend some time with Cardinal George of Chicago so we all knew how important that was for him and were understanding.

He came to Princeville and gave a conference at my parish there, St. Mary of the Woods, and being with him and hearing him speak and knowing his words (through an interpreter was such a humbling experience for all of us.  He searched his words carefully to express the truth for us.

His writings are so deep and good.

He is a true lover of Christ.

Theresa ,Oblate, Princeville, IL  USA